[VELUE = the old name of the village „Velm-Goetzendorf“ and the old name of the willow trees which are growing along the small rivers in our village]

Velue, because everything what i vinify is grown in my own vineyards; bio-dynamically farmed and minimalistically vinified. Velue because I create my own individual wine style and do not force corsets on my wines. A lot of structure, perfect lightness and drinking fun characterize my Velue line.


We live in a cool climate region and it is our ambition to continue to produce cool climate wines - respecting climate change. The concept of origin or terroir, in our view, should not be limited to single vineyards but must include the signature of the individuals who shape the way of cultivating the land.


This range is a further development of my previous single vineyard wines. For these 3 wines (blanc #1, blanc & Sauvignon and rouge #1), I select only the coolest parcels of my oldest vineyards: those close to forests, facing north and northeast and windy hilltops – all of them growing on lime-sandstone soils. These are the 3 unique cool climate personalities.


Because natural wines also make fun in everyday life ~ and taste ...

So here's my interpretation of exciting everyday wines, far from the mainstream. In white, pink and red SOLERAs.


Short-time fermentation on the skins, Solera system, PIWI vines, vintage blends… All allowed, nothing forbidden. New tastes are opening up; drinking fun redefined. Viva la Revolution...


The idea is to show a style of a wine. With the solera system I’ve the possibility to show a wine each year or each bottling with the same charakter.

Numen & rare Projects

[NUMEN = denotes metaphysical activity]

These wines were almost without interventions in the cellar, are natural and expressive. 3 wines [and some other rare projects like Rosé SL & Muskateller]: Fumé blanc, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

Physiological high-ripe grapes from our own selection of old Sauvignon blanc vines specially selected, intercellular short time fermented in amphoras and stored for 16 month on the lees without interventions.

In these wines are all crazy ideas of the last years.


Wines inspired by nature I say!